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Two injured as policeman's gun goes off

CHITRAL, April 29: Two men, including one police officer, were injured in Arandu near the Pak-Afghan border on Sunday when another policeman’s gun went off by accident. A jirga was held at a hotel near a police checkpost in Aranda to resolve a land dispute between two local groups, Shahbuddin and Dayiem. Both groups argued during the jirga which led to a brawl. Behram Khan, a policeman at hand, rushed to the site to intervene but he accidently discharged his weapon, injuring Mohammad Ismail, a police officer and Habib, a bystander. The injured were rushed to District Headquarters Hospital. In a separate incident, the Chitral police arrested two suspects, Muhammad Ghayas and Shujaur Rehman, in Chitral Town. They recovered a hand bomb, two Kalashnikovs, three pistols and several rounds of ammunition from the suspects. An FIR was registered against the accused and a police investigation is underway.–Experss Tribune]]>

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