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Soldiers' bodies stranded on Lotkoh road

CHITRAL, April 29: The bodies of three army soldiers killed in Giyari Sector in April 2012 could not be taken to their villages in Lotkoh valley due to blockade of the road at several points. Due to the heavy rainfall early in the morning, the entire Lotkhow road was blocked at more than six places. The bodies of Sarfaraz Shah of Beshqaer and Wali of Gajal may reach Shehr-e-Sham today as some stranded passengers and relatives of the deceased soldiers were busy carrying them towards their villages on their shoulders. A resident who reached Chitral town from Lotkoh on foot spoke about the pathetic condition of the road and confirmed that from Shahr-e-Sham to Bilphok the road was blocked at five points. From Bilphok to Pachili, in Lawak and two other places the road was also destroyed by the recent rainfall. These martyred soldiers were buried under the glacier in Giyari Sector for the last one year. Now when the bodies were brought here, they got stuck on the Lotkhow road and their family members were awaiting for the bodies of their dear ones. The relatives and people of the area are also looking for the immediate response of the government to take the bodies to their ancestral graveyard on time. Alhaj Muhammad Khan]]>

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