PML-Q Chitral president joins PPP

CHITRAL, April 17: The president of PML-Q, Chitral, and its nominee for PK-89 seat, Haji Eidul Hussain has withdrawn his candidacy in favour of the PPP candidate after announcing to quit his party.a arrowFormer provincial minister Salim Khan is PPP candidate for the constituency. Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, he said his decision to join the PPP was based on ‘principles’ and was ‘unconditional’. Mr Salim Khan was also present. Mr Eidul Hassain said it was only the PPP which had a ‘solid’ programme to drive the country out of crises and it was this reason that he had to change the party with thousands of its workers. Speaking on the occasion, Salim Khan, who is also the district president of the PPP, said the joining of the PPP by Eidul Hussain was good omen for the party, which will pave the way for the ‘landslide victory’ of the party in the upcoming general elections. He said joining of the district president of PML-Q was an ample proof that the PPP was popular in the district. He said Haji Eidul Hussain was a popular leader of PML-Q whose nominees had returned to the national assembly and one of the provincial assembly seats from Chitral in the last general elections.]]>

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  1. The decision of Eidul Hussain to join the PPP and that too for the sake of Salim Khan is glaring example of lotacracy. These plastic made lotas will keep on changing their loyalties for their vested interests as long as they are alive.

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