Ex-president's exit from race saddens Chitralis

CHITRAL, April 16: Pervez Musharraf’s disqualification by a tribunal in Peshawar on Tuesday saddened a large number of Chitralis, especially the youth. apmlIn Islamabad and Karachi, text messages were circulating asking the people of Chitral to boycott the elections in protest against the disqualification of the benefactor of Chitral. Many people from Chitral said the disqualification of the former president showed the biased attitude of the judiciary against him. They said without Musharraf, there was no hope of any change in the political system of Chitral as old faces would again be in the race. Some people also said the Chitralis had already shown their gratitude towards Musharraf and would have voted him to power but it was his own bad luck. There was also a perception that the decision would be good for Chitral as with the coming of Musharraf peace in the area would have been at stake. The Chitralis also said they would vote for Musharraf’s party irerspective of his own exit from the race in Chitral.]]>

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