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PK-89: Next MPA should be from Chitral town area, say residents

CHITRAL, April 14: Independent candidate for PK-89 Chitral 1, Shahzada Amanur Rehman on Sunday formally launched his election campaign by holding a big gathering of elders and notables of Chitral town in a local hotel. 100_1960 copyAddressing the occasion, Shahzada Aman thanked the people of Chitral town for reposing confidence in him. He said it was his late father’s earnest desire to serve the people of Chitral. He said his father even used to say that he was seriously considering relinquishing his job in Islamabad and going back to Chitral to serve his people there. But he could not fulfil his cherished desire due to his premature death in 2008. Shahzada Aman said now he had taken up the responsibility to materialize the dream of his late father. After staying in Chitral for five years, he added, he had personally observed the problems and miseries faced by Chitrali people. He said solving these problems was certainly not impossible provided there was sincere and dedicated leadership. He said after getting elected he would try to provide better health facilities to the people of Chitral at their doorsteps by filling the vacant posts of specialist doctors and providing state-of-the-art equipment to the DHQ hospital. 100_1958 copyHe said he would also solve the loadshedding problem of the town on a priority basis. “I will also work to spread a network of roads across the subdivision.” He said he would strictly follow merit in distribution of jobs in all the departments of the government. Speaking on the occasion, Haji Yahya, Iqbaluddin Sahar and others said for the last many years the Chitral town had not been given representation in the assemblies. They said in the forthcoming elections, they would be voting a representative from the town area. 100_1954 copySpeaking on the occasion, Pir Syed Zaheeruddin, Hussain Ahmed (Jang Bazar), Ahmed Lal, Master Hassan ( Jughor), M. Ajmal Advocate  (Hone), Haji Yahya (Goldur), Miftahuddin (Bokhtoli), Lily Haji (Rehan Kot) and Iqbaludin Sahar expressed full confidence in Shahzada Amanur Rehman. They said Chitral town had 54,000 population but not a single representative had got selected from the area after Atalaq Jaffar Ali Shah in the 70s. Now we have fielded Shahzada Aman as our unanimous candidate and we would vote him to the provincial assembly on May 11, they added.]]>

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  1. Israr Chitrali says

    For the first time, Shahzada Amanur Rehman is on the political scene. There were unlimited problems in Chitral and to some extent they have been resolved by the previous government. People are criticizing the ex-government but in my opinion that was good for Chitral. Education is the basic need. During the previous government, two universities, a degree college at Drosh, upgradation of about 25 to 30 schools plus construction of buildings for various schools, computer labs and new hostel for the commerce college Chitral were completed. These are the developments done in education sector alone during the previous government due to the efforts of former provincial minister Salim Khan. Simply, PPP is best for Chitral and these independent candidates cannot misguide the people of Chitral.

  2. Shahid Zafar says

    Welcome to the new energetic leaders with fresh mind and better planning. Those who have failed in the past should be replaced by new people.Many of the past tested and proved to be failed people are now hiding behind the Lowari tunnel project.

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