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I got Lowari tunnel constructed, says Abdul Akbar

CHITRAL, April 11: Former MNA and Jamaat-i-Islami candidate for NA-32, Chitral, Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali has said it was he whoi got work on Lowari tunnel started by consistently raising the issue on the floor of the National Assembly during his tenure as MNA. maulanaAddressing a press conference at Chitral Press Club on Wednesday, he claimed credit for the long-awaited project and dispelled the impression that the work was started by then president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf. Some elements are misleading the people of Chitral and crediting the former dictator for the tunnel project to get political benefit, he said. Maulana Chitrali said the decision of Pervez Musharraf will jeopardize the peaceful atmosphere of the district as he was the most wanted man of Taliban who pandered to the whims and wishes of America when he was ruling the country. To a question, he said that he was not afraid of defeat if the former dictator contested elections from Chitral but he was anxious about its peace and tranquility which will be at stake.–Zahiruddin]]>

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  1. Mohd Nadir, Dubai says

    I believe that Musharraf is better than so many present and past politicians. At least he has knowledge,speaking power, brevity, and above all has propounded the Pakistan first concept. I also believe that Musharraf, Imran must join hands for the sake of Pakistan by ignoring all cheap differences. I request all Chitralis especially youth to come forward and support Musharraf.

  2. Javeed Akbar, Islamabad says

    Musharf is one of popular leaders of the world. I request all Chitralis please do not compare him with Abdul Akbar Chitrali or any other. Musharraf is a great and brave leader.

  3. Gul Hamaad Farooqi says

    It is confusing. When Musharraf was in power, Abdul Akbar had been chanting No LFO, Go Musharaf Go Musharraf slogans. But now he is claiming that Musharaf constructed the Lowari tunnel on his request. If Abdul Akbar is so sincere and influential, he should upgrade the small hydropower station at Seenlasht to rid Chitral of the power crisis. Or can he show any big project to the nation which was completed when his aprty was in power in KPK under the MNA?
    Abdul Akbar knows better that his chief minister during the MMA government, Akram Khan Durrani, inaugurated twice the Bypass Road in Chitral but released no fund for this. He also announced two million rupees for the renovation of Shahi Masjid but then forgot it. So it is baseless when Abdul Akbar claims that Musharaf constructed the Lowari tunnel on his pressure. Because he has already clarified his position during a public meeting at Chitral Scouts ground. At that time when Musharraf was going to the tunnel for its ground-breaking ceremoney in a helicopter, he ignored Abdul Akbar and accommodated Shahzada Mohiuddin with him in the helicopter. I think the people of Chitral are well educated and know better who built the Lowari tunnel?

  4. M. Wali, Mastuj says

    Lo and behold! Truth can never be concealed and the truth has come from the mouth of the horse now. The people of Chitral are so thankless and short of memory and are always carried away by propaganda. I got to know now that Lowari tunnel was constructed by Maulana Abdul Akbar. We have for all the wrong reasons thinking that it was Musharraf who launched the mega project. So my humble request to the maulana is do some more favours and get some other mega projects launched for Chitral.

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