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ChitralToday election focus: PK-89 and PK-90

Zar Alam Khan

CHITRAL, April 6: There are two provincial assembly seats in Chitral district. They are PK-89 and PK-90.

The provincial assembly seat of PK-89 consists of lower Chitral, including the Chitral town and the valleys of Garam Chashma and Kalash. In 2008, the constituency had 114,904 voters. For the 2013 elections, the election commission has updated the list according to which the number of registered voters in lower Chitral is 118,124 – 10,076 males and 48,048 females.

The union councils in lower Chitral along with the numbers of the voters are as under: Arandu (8,012), Ashiret (7,882), Drosh 1 (8,681), Drosh 2, (8,253), Shishi Koh (7,541), Ayun (11,933), Broz (7,749), Chitral 2 (2,409) Denin (2,390), Koh (8,868), Municipal Committee Chitral town (19,296), Garam Chashma: Shoghore (8,787), Karimabad (7,760) and Lot Koh (8,485).

The Kalash valleys of birir, Rumbur and Bumburate have 5,637 voters – 3,254 males and 2,383 females. The provincial assembly constituency of PK-90 comprises the subdivision of Mastuj in upper Chitral which includes the tehsils of Mastuj, Tor Khow and Mol Khow. In the 2008 election, the number of voters in upper Chitral was 85,753. For the 2013 elections, the number of voters in the area is 87,865 – 49,885 males and 37,980 females.

There are 10 union councils in upper Chitral which makes the provincial assembly constituency. The population of upper Chitral, according to 1998 census, was 133,815 – 66,583 males and 67,232 females.

The 10 union councils and the number of voters in each UC are: Oveer (8,652), Kosht (8,594) Mol Khow (8,674), Terich (7,351) Shagram (8,558), Khot (9,305), Charun (10,605), Laspur (9,272), Mastuj (9,284) and Yarkhun (8,570).  

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