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Behind the widespread truth

‘Frailty, thy name is woman’, the line from Shakespeare’s most celebrated play ‘Hamlet’ has so won the peoples’ heart and favour that it has attained a popularity almost very common since its origination. For every weakness on women’s part in general and for their assumed infidelity to their principles and their faithful in particular, they are being labeled by the above quoted line. No doubt Shakespeare had a deep understanding of human nature and psychology and the universal appeal of his thoughts cannot be denied. But depending on it if we consider Hamlet justified in his generalization of all women as ‘frail’ upon being disgusted with what he considers to be unchaste in his mother in the Play, we must also have all the good reason to consider another line from Shakespeare’s poem ‘Men are ever deceivers’ as justified too. Taking into consideration women’s achievements, their courage coupled with the positive natural tendencies of their nature, which is most preferably bestowed upon them, it is probably becoming hard to keep up with Hamlet’s statement. Women’s achievements and their distinction need not be glorified here to impress upon the readers. What their real position is, what they really have attained is universally acknowledged. Though, women are weak physically, but not mentally and virtuously alike. The sentence ‘They have equally progressed in almost every field of life as men’ has become as obvious and recognized in the world of practice as it has become a cliché and tiresome in black and white. It is also true that women’s intellectual achievements have not yet known to be of the highest order as that of Shakespeare, Kant, Socrates and the like. Nevertheless their achievements have also been praiseworthy. But women’s want of such genius absolutely does not negating their owning certain traits which are peculiar to them; certain aptitude for certain things which they are best at and which they can best handle. Women have always shown a defatiguable courage in the face of prolong difficulties. Whether in domestic life or outside home, they have always tried to turn the stumbling blocks in their way into stepping stones by their hard work, dedication and their milder, peaceful and patient nature. If they allow their pliant nature to be moulded into any form, it is not because they are meek and submissive but because they react out of their nature so as to value human relations. At the heart of all these, women are more favoured by the power of resilience. They possess the potential to rally quickly and feel better after some unpleasant experience so as to cope successfully with the harsh practices and realities of time. This then again is contradictory to any claim of ‘frailty’ in their credit. In short, it is becoming hard to believe women as frail when they have a firm inner conscience, making them contribute in the world’s development; advocating peace and noble causes despite all unfavourable circumstances of all time. It is becoming hard to believe when their this contribution has been remarkable from ages; when they have been all their sex can boast of, when they have left their mark as faithful mother, daughter, wife and sister in the pages of history.]]>

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