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The unending woes of a medical student

CHITRAL, April 4: A medical student from Garum Chashma valley is wandering from pillar to post to resume his medical studies disrupted due to financial crunch.

Telling his tale of woes to this correspondent here on Tuesday, the former third-year student of Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, Sardar Ayub said he had to discontinue his studies in the college due to financial constraints two years back when he was undergoing preparation for examination.

“My father is a farmer and was not in a position to pay the hefty amount of Rs35,000 to the college as my annual expenses including hostel rent,” he said and added that the incident led to his depressive disorder and he was confined in his room.

When his mental and physical health deteriorated, he was taken to the Aga Khan Hospital Karachi for treatment and his health was restored after treatment there, he recalled. ”When my father somehow arranged some money for resumption of my studies after a gap of two years, the college administration refused to re-admit me asking for producing a decree from the high court for my reinstatement,” he said.

“My new ordeal started when the lawyers demanded 75,000 for pleading my case in the high court which I even cannot think of affording,” the dejected student said, adding that all his hopes had again dashed to the ground. “If paid the sum to the lawyer, then I will have nothing left to pay to the college and resume my studies and become a doctor which his most cherished goal in life,” he said.

Mr. Ayub has pinned hopes on the chief justice of Peshawar High Court to take cognizance of his plight saying that if he has taken suo motu notice of illegal killing of a markhor in Chitral, then he will not take up his case on compassionate ground.

Mr. Ayub had topped the district both in the matriculation and intermediate examinations and had qualified for admission to the medical college in competition while in the first examination in the medical college. He was among the top ten position holders.–Zahiruddin

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  1. Munir Hussyn Fatimi says

    It would have been better to provide him financial assistance for his studies so that we could not have seen the day when he ended his life.

  2. Jamshed Shah Kator says

    Mr Zahiruddin I wish not to discuss this here. I have already received an email from the editor and I will be in contact with Mr Sardar Ayub shortly. This article posted here does not go in to full detail of the situation (as there is always more to the story than written). I will assess his need and take the appropriate action.

  3. Zahiruddin says

    Jamshed Shah Kator sahib, at the moment the student needs the services of a senior counsel of Peshawar High Court as given in the news story to plead for him to get himself reinstated in the college which is required. Could you generously arrange one for him, please.

  4. Jamshed Shah Kator says

    Mr Abdullah I did not know it would be posted here. I thought it would be an email that would be sent to the editor. I don’t care much for self praise. My father has taught me better than that. I have done hundreds of private projects like these and I don’t need the recognition. I do it for the sake of Allah and the love for all Chitralis and human beings in general, especially when they have an opportunity to improve their status in life or to do good. So before you give advice it would be wise not to jump into conclusions as you do not know what is in the hearts of others and the intentions of others.I live by a rule that has not failed me yet, to not give advice unless that person has asked for it. But I am more than sure that you mean no malice in your comment; have a good day!

  5. Abdullah Chitral says

    @Katoor, Your generosity is worth to be respected but it would be invaluable service for supporting a needy student for his education if you keep it secret between you and him that most of the people around the world are doing.

  6. Jamshed Shah Kator says

    I feel very sorry for this poor lad. I am willing to pay for his annual tuition Rs35,000 if he can get himself reinstated to the school. On one condition, that he provide his transcripts for the years that he did attend, so I can evaluate his grades and marks. He must get good grades in each year and prove he deserves the assistance and for how long will he need this help. I will also have someone go to the school and verify his account of things. Please have him contact me through email or provide his number so that I can call him.
    We have to support our Chitrali brothers to get the best education, this way they can take that knowledge back to Chitral and help people.

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