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New religious alliance challenges Musharraf

CHITRAL, April 3: The Muttahida Deeni Mahaz (united religious front), a new alliance of local religious leaders, here on Wednesday said it would give tough time to Pervez Musharraf in the upcoming general election in Chitral. Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, Hafiz Khush Wali, Maulana Faridullah and Molvi Asif Iqbal said they had already submitted their nomination papers for PK 89, PK 90 and NA 32. They said they would not allow the former dictator to have an easy sailing in Chitral. They said that those religious parties who had elected Musharraf as president of the country under the umbrella of the MMA would never be able to challenge him in the election.  They said if they were elected in the upcoming election they would implement Sharia in the country, and would eliminate co-education because it created so many problems. “We will work for banning drone attacks and secure our borders and will also make an independent foreign policy. Similarly MDM will declare Quran as the supreme law, ensure an independent judiciary and will maintain independence of religious schools.” They said they would provide free education up to the metric level and will follow merit in government employments.—GH Farooqui]]>

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