Hunzai’s Khana-e-Hikmat outlawed

ISLAMABAD, April 3: The Ministry of Interior has banned Khana-e-Hikmat, the publication and research organization of Nasiruddin Hunzai, a religious leader from Hunza who is settled in Canada. 

According to reports, the government of Pakistan has banned the organization under the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1997 for its link with terror organizations in the country and abroad.

A notification issued by the ministry and dispatched to all provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan said all bank accounts of the organization should also be frozen with immediate effect. The ministry said that the operation of the organization, especially in Gilgit-Baltistan, was against the interest of the country.

With the issuance of the notification, the possibility of further action against the outlawed organization like raids on its offices has increased. It may be noted that all the Ismaili councils in Gigit-Baltistan had already expressed their reservations about the suspicious and parallel activities of Khana-e-Hikmat and in many areas of Hunza and Ghizer districts, the local people had held protest demonstrations and demanded that the government should take action against the organization.

Even he had misled quite a large number of people in Chitral and the Aga Khan Council in the valley had received complaints about its suspicious activities there. Nasiruddin Hunzai had been running the outlawed organization for decades against the policies of the Imamati organizations. Its lavish spending of money had also raised eyebrows in the community.–Syed Nazir Hussain

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  1. I am praying that this kind of misleading information is steadily reviewed by the Google post and thrown out. Khanna Hikmat is a body that has invested its efforts in sharing the knowledge of spiritual sciences. If there are any connections by one or two individuals it should not reflect the real and original work of this body institution. I am certain that the government of Pakistan is very careful in its legal and moral deliberations and also very Just. The Holy and pure work of teaching spiritual sciences is really an effort of enlightened contributions and it has no place for acts of harming, hurting or causing malice and malficience to others. In the work of divine grace, only the direction of ĺ and prayers in addition to knowledge is relevant. This body of work is a reflection of the divine grace which generates Justice and protection in Pakistan a nation of divine fortitude and grace.

  2. Hi
    Is there an authentic piece that tells that Khana-e Hikmat has been banned. Actually I tried searching the internet for this, but couldn’t find any

  3. Very timely decision by the Interior Ministry. They had polluted the philosophy and teachings of our great Pir Nasir Khusrao who never ever hurt the environment of the area while preaching Ismailism here. Hasay Shariat pologh kori haqiqato gulistan arer.

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