PTI Chitral sets new record!

CHITRAL, April 2: It seems Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has started breaking its promises of allotting tickets on merit and reserving seats for the youth. 

In the case of Chitral, the PTI has even set new record. At the time of nomination, it has been a practice with all political parties that at least two candidates file their papers so that in case the main candidate’s papers are rejected the covering one can contest the elections under the platform of the party.

Nomination papers submitted by PTI candidates in Chitral showed that for the National Assembly seat of NA-32 the PTI has allotted ticket to Abdul Latif while his covering candidate is Rehmat Ghazi. And for the provincial assembly seat of PK-90, the ticket has been given to Rehmat Ghazi and Abdul Latif has been named as his covering candidate.

It seems that the PTI was short of candidates and its leadership considered no one else capable of being even a covering candidate. Suppose the candidature of Abdul Latif or Rehmat Ghazi is rejected by the returning officer due to any reason, who will be contesting the election?

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  1. I did not understand this news item. As far as I know two candidates (the other one being cover) from almost all of the political parties have submitted their papers. Like from APML only Musharaf, from JUI-F Abdur Rehman and Ahmad Saeed, PPP’s Hakim Advocate and Mir Dola Jan and so on. So our analysis applies on all the political parties not only PTI. If both candidates are disqualified then no political party would have any candidate left. So why single out PTI?

    1. That is right. But why the PTI candidates for PK-90 and NA-32 are covering each other? There should have been someone else not Rehmat Ghazi to cover Abdul Latif in NA-32 and another to cover Rehmat Ghazi in PK-90.

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