Three brothers among seven killed in traffic accident

CHITRAL: The death toll in the Barenis road accident increased to seven after the injured driver of the jeep also died in Chitral town.

Six people, including three brothers, were killed and eight others injured in the accident at Barenis Gol. The deceased included three sons of a retired policeman and five of them belonged to Khruzg and Mahting villages of Yarkhun valley while one was from Charun Oveer village.

The land cruiser taxi jeep (GLT-1026) owned by Alam Khan of Khruzg and driven by his son Sardar Hussain was coming to Chitral from Yarkhun valley when it skidded off the road and fell into the Barenis Gol. The bodies and the injured were brought to the district headquarters hospital Chitral where some of the injured were in critical conditions.

The six bodies were later sent to Yarkhun valley while one body was dispatched to Charun Oveer. Those who died in the accident were Imran, Sheraz Khan and Ehtisham, sons of Nigar Khan of Mahting; retired police Havaldar Shah Hakim Khan of Khruzg, his six-year-old grandson Fardad (son of Uqabuddin), driver Sardar Hussain of Khruzg and Abdul Hussain, son of Rahim Nizar of Charun Oveer. Uqabuddin was out of Chitral for his job in the army and some of the family members were coming to receive him in Chitral.

He reached Chitral on Monday evening where the bad news was awaiting him. The injured are Mohammad Ali, son of Mirza Nadir Baig of Mahting, Fidaur Rehman, son of Mir Samad of Khruzg, driver Sardar Hussain, son of Alam Khan of Khruzg (the driver died on Monday evening in the DHQ hospital); wife of Qurban Ali, Khruzg, mother of Qurban Ali, Khruzg, and daughter of Uqab of Khruzg.

A young woman survivor of the accident, who was injured, told ChitralToday that the driver was untrained and the vehicle was rickety and very old. On the way, she added, the driver was speeding and driving carelessly. On many occasions, the passengers asked him to drive carefully but he did not heed to them, she added. Before the fatal accident, he had also several close calls, she added.