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Kalash shepherd's goats killed in fire

KALASHA, March 31: A fire damaged the cattle pen of a shepherd in the Darasguru village of Kalash valley and killed dozens of goats on Saturday night. file photoThe fire at Baharam Shah’s cattle pen erupted at about 11:30pm when he and his family were asleep in tehir house. According to local sources, after feeding baby goats, the shepherd went to his home at night. Later, they came to know that a fire had erupted at the cattle pen. All villagers along the shepherd rushed to the area and tried to save the goats and the house but most of the animals had died. The shepherd told that ‘’It was 12 night when me and my family reached the place but the fire had already engulfed the pen and more than 45 goats had burnt to ashes.’’ He added that his family had lost the goats and shepherd house. When asked what was the possible cause of fire, Ms. Gumaira of the house said the shepherd used some local woods for light as there was no electricity inside the house and they forgot to put out the fire and went to bed. She said ’many goats were in serious condition’. Since last few years, Kalasha shepherds and goats are no safer in the valleys, there are lot of accidents of fire, intruders attacks and declining forest resources that may leave the Kalasha helpless. Goats are an important part of the Kalasha religion, culture and tradition.]]>

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