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No old faces: Lotkoh residents support Shahzada Aman

CHITRAL, March 28: The residents of Lotkoh valley have rejected all the former members of assemblies, including Salim Khan, for their utter failure to resolve their issues. SONY DSCAddressing a huge public meeting at Garam Chashma, local people said former provincial minister Salim Khan had failed even to blacktop the road to his own native town. The speakers said the royal family of Chitral always served the people and we never forget their sacrifices, especially Shahzada Amanur Rehman who donated land for the link road of Cheerweel village. On this occasion, Taimor Shah, a leader of the Ismaili community, asked the residents to support Amanur Rehman who is contesting the election as an independent candidate from PK-89. Haji Manzor Qadir, the general secretary of trade union Chitral, said, “We should elect honest and sincere candidate to work for development of our area, not those who want to fill their bank accounts.” Speaking on the occasion, Shahzada Aman announced his decision to contest the election as an independent candidate from PF-89 and said, “I came into the field to serve the people and have no personal interest. But we were cheated for long time by our elected representatives and we are still facing great hardships despite releasing a huge fund from the government.” He presented his manifesto and said the road of this valley will be constructed on a priority basis. Besides, the roads to Shah Saleem, Karimabad and Arkari valley will also be constructed. He said if he was elected from this constituency, he would promote education in the valley besides upgrading the hydropower house of the Chitral town. He said he would also upgrade the hospital of Garam Chashma and establish colleges and schools in the valley. Those who spoke on the occasion included Mir Ajab Shah, Mehtab Alam, Subadar Shahbaz, Qurban Baig, Khush Mohammad and Rehmatullah, the Khateeb of Jamia Masjid Garam Chashma. A large number of people from the entire valley on the occasion assured the shahzada to support him.]]>

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1 Comment
  1. Aftab Chitrali says

    Dear All,
    It is politics, initially all promise the poor people that they will work hard if they will be elected. Moreover, they show humality toward the local people to win their hearts. No one says that he will fill his own bank accounts and do work for their relatives and supporters. But still you people do not understand that Salim Khan was great, he is humble thus every person in Garam Chashma gained their own interest from him. Now you people are saying that Salim is old face, we don’t need him more. All the fund which came to Garam Chashma, you people used that for your own interest. How can he repair the road, he does not have the fund raising machine in his home. He made schools, link roads, primary health care centres, etc. You people can never understand and change your mind. If it is what you decide, then we will watch this political game. It’s is my request to Amaanullah saib that, we disperately need that leader who does not waste the fund on indivisual interest but prioratize communal interest first. Who ignore the mini-projects and do the major projects first that min-problems solve themselves with improvement and development. Who can think broadly and bightly with no personal and families interest. And our real HERO is Gen. Musharraf, we have accepted and appretiated his works in Chitral region, never forget he saved our lifes.

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