Musharraf to address public rallies in Chitral soon

ISLAMABAD, March 27: Despite life threats from militant outfits, former president Gen Pervez Musharraf will reach Chitral with his trademark style, showing the powerful fist to his opponents once again, making it sure that his love for Pakistan and particularly Chitral is everlasting. Pervez Musharraf 2Talking to this correspondent over the phone from Karachi, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) spokesperson Aasia Ishaq said the fearless commando will land in the valley any time in April to address a mammoth public rally in Chitral as part of his election campaign. “The way people of Chitral love Gen Musharraf has no equivalent….Musharraf enjoys a special bond with Chitralis…he takes them [Chitralis] in great esteem for their bravery and trustworthiness,” she maintained. When asked about rumour-mongers who are out to please their masters by spreading propaganda against the former president, she said: “General sahib is more confident of winning from Chitral than any other popular local leader…he knows the people and their attachment with him”. Aasia continued that Musharraf is a leader of international repute who will change the destiny of Chitral. The opening of Lowari tunnel is a small feat, she added, and his victory from the valley will usher in a new era of prosperity in the valley. To another question about the doubts of his opponents of winning from Chitral, she said that these are the people who were not aware of his steadfastness and tried their level best to spread rumors that gone are the days when Musharraf used to show his fist. She continued with her fingers crossed that the opponents Musharraf have no option now but to chew their nails in disgust. They opponents will find no place to hide when the trustworthy people of Chitral, she added, will come out on elections’ day to offer their beloved leader Gen Pervez Musharraf a landmark victory – Nasrun min Allahi, wa fat’hun kareeb.]]>

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  1. Musharraf is an internationally known leader and it is the good luck of the people of Chitral that he has decided to contest election from our area. I am sure that all the people of Chitral will support him in the election. If the political leaders of Chitral are sincere with the people of the area, they should also support the former president so that we can ensure a better future for our coming generations. Long live Musharraf.

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