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Senior Khowar singer dies

DIZG (YARKHUN), March 25: A popular senior artist of this village who kept traditional Khowar songs alive for decades has died at the age of 85. Dizg 001 copyPopularly known as Dur Bap, this man’s life meant to sing love songs and live a life of happiness but it seems he was born at the wrong place at the wrong time. Throughout his life, he would never sleep at his bed if there was any musical programme even far away from his village. This dedication and love for folk music of Khowar did not fade away even though he lost his only son about 35 years back and wife three years later. Even at this old age, he used to call himself a boy – indeed he was so young at heart. A few years back, I shot a video clip of him when he sang his most favourite song in a village gathering and uploaded it on YouTube where it still shows his vigour (Khowar, Chitrali song by Dur Bap of Dizg). He spent the life of a pauper surrounded by agonies and poverty but never surrendered to the agonies of life. May God rest his soul in peace now.  ]]>

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  1. Ali Bakhsh, Chitral says

    Dunyo Zindagi, Baht Beri Nisi Lole Mulkha Hoi Bosun. This was Dur Bap’s favorite song and till death he used to sing it even though his memory had faded. Though we are people who usually damn care about the life and death of such people I appreciate the report about this old singer’s death.

  2. Sam Sam Ali Raza Advocate says

    I am really shocked to know about the death of my friend, Dur Bap, who left his mortal life facing a lot of hardship and atrocities at the hands of his own tenants. In his elderly age, he lost his young son who was his base to pass his independent life, while his elder son, due to some unavoidable circumstances was deprived of teh right to live with his father. Dur Bap and his voice will always remain in our hearts.
    May Allah bless his soul in eternal peace!

  3. Dr. Asad Ali, Riyad, Saudi Arabia. says

    Still remember his lovely voice echoing from Dizg Gol, Khotan Lasht or Biyar when he used to sing enjoying his daily work and we were small kids in the same village. He faced bitter experiences of life but never became depressed and always tried to remain happy. He used music as a source of his happiness.Even at the age of over 80 years, he was active and a lively man. For those people of the area who are outside the village along with many many other attractions, one was he. All people of the area will definitely miss him. May Almighty Allah keep his soul in eternal peace, Ameen.

  4. Muhammad Afzal Khan, Islamabad says

    Thank you very much. I am so grateful to you for giving such an appropriate space to a man who entertained us ignoring all his problems, loneliness, and what not. The people of Dizg, Khruzg, Mahrting lost a great singer and a friend. May Allah Almighty rest his soul in eternal peace..Ameen..!
    Muhammad Afzal Khan,
    Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC),

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