JUI Chitral picks Maulana A. Rehman

CHITRAL, March 25: Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI) has decided about the nomination of party candidates from the district and allotted them party tickets. Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam flagA source in the party requesting not to be named said the district chief of the party and former MPA Maulana Abdul Reahman has been nominated both for NA-32 and PK-89 while Maulana Hussain will be the party candidate from PK-90 Chitral-II. The source said the JUI will seek seat adjustment with any party except ANP and the purpose behind giving dual tickets to the district chief was aimed at concluding electoral with any party so that he may vacate one of the seats in favour of the alliance. JUI happens to be the second party in the district which has announced the candidates of its party for the two provincial assembly seats and one national assembly seat from the district.’ Full List: Haji Shahnawaz for NA-1, Maulana Saeed Jan NA-2, Senator Haji Ghulam Ali NA-3, Mufti Syed Qamar, Maulana Anwarul Haq NA-5, Mufti Abullah Shah NA-7, Maulana Shaikh Idrees NA-8, Maulana Shujaul Mulk NA-9, Maulana Muhammad Qasim, Maulana Imdadullah NA-11, Ashfaqullah Khan NA12, Maulana Ataul Haq Darvesh NA13, Saith Gohar NA-14, Mufti Sardar NA-15, Maulana Mian Hussain Jalali NA-16, Tariq Sultan NA-17, Sadar Ibrar NA-18, Pir Alamzeb Shah NA-19, Ghulam Nabi Shah NA-20, Laiq Muhammad Khan NA-21, Qai Muhammad Yousaf NA-22, Mehbobullah NA-23, while from NA-24 D I Khan, NA-25 Tank, and NA-27 Lakki Marwat party central chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman will contest the upcoming elections.

Similarly, from NA-26 former chief minister Akram Durrani, NA-28 Maulana Haleemur Rahman, NA-29 Maulana Muhammad Alam, NA-30 Maulana Hafizur Rahman, NA-31 Haji Azizur Rahman, NA-32 Maulana Abdur Rahman, NA-33 Inamullah Jan, NA-34 Maulana Qazi Fazalullah, NA-35 Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, NA-36 Muhammad Ghulam Sadiq, NA-37 Mufti Mubarak Shah, NA-38 Haji Munir Orakzai, NA-39 Engn Tahir, NA-40 Maulana Abdul Malik, NA-42 Maulana Jalalud Din, NA-43 Maulana Muahhamad Sadiq, NA-44 Maulana Abdur Rashid, NA-45 Haji Saida Jan, NA-46 Haji Shamsud Din Afridi, and Mufti Abdul Shakor wold contest election from NA-47. Likewise, the party tickets for provincial assembly seats were given to PK-1 to Syed Irfanullah Shah, Pk-2 Khairul Bashar, PK-3 Haji Jalil Jan, PK-4 Arbab Faroq, PK-5 Amanullah Haqani, PK-6 Haji Muhammad Zubair, PK-7 Shaikh Azizud Din, PK-8 Asif Iqbal Daudzai, PK-9 Qari Syed Rafiq Shah, PK-10 Tariq Afridi, PK-11 Khalid Waqar Chamkani, PK-12 Muhammad Ajmal, PK-13 Mufti Imtiaz Ali, PK-14 Mufti Hakim Ali, PK-15 Mufti Shaukatullah, PK-16 Hafiz Salmanul Haq, PK-17 Haji Fazal Shakor, PK-18 Maulana Elahi Jan, PK-19 Maulana Muhammad Idrees, PK-20 Mufti Gohar Ali, PK-21 Fakr Alam, PK-22 Syed Rahim Shah, PK-23 Maulana Amanat Shah, PK-28 Hafiz Akhtar Ali, PK-30 Tajul Amin Jabal, PK-35 Maulana Fazl-e-Ali Haqani, PK-41 Malak Qasim, PK-42 Atiqur Rahman, PK-43 Mufti Syed Janan, PK-55 Mufti Kifayatullah, while from PK-64 and PK-66 Maulana Lutfur Rahman and PK-65 Maulana Obaidur Rahman, while at PK-67 and 68 the JUi-F has already made seat adjustment and at PK-69 consensus will be developed. At PK-70 Akram Durrani, PK-77 Maulana Ibrarullah, PK-78 Shamsul Arifeen, PK-88 Maulana Abdul Maula, PK-89 Maulana Abdur Rahman, PK-97 Maulana Gul Naseeb Khan, PK-98 Khalid Jan and PK-99 Maulana Jvid will the JUI-F candidates for provincial assembly in the upcoming general elections across the country.

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