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Nauroz brings spring joy to Chitral

CHITRAL, March 21: The Ismaili community in Chitral celebrated the annual Nauroz festival with great zeal and enthusiasm throughout the valley on Thursday. [caption id="attachment_8865" align="alignleft" width="300"]A Chitrali artist picks the Chugha during a traditional dance.--GH Farooqui A Chitrali artist picks the Chugha during a traditional dance.–GH Farooqui[/caption] This festival, heralding the arrival of spring season, is simultaneously celebrated in Tajikistan, Iran, Afghanistan, some parts of Pakistan and other countries of the world. The Ismaili community in Chitral considers that the world and all creatures living on it came into being on this day. They say that all major events in human history was initiated this day. Every year, the Ismailis celebrate the festival by decorating their houses and preparing special foods and meeting near and dear ones. Special dresses are also prepared for the festival. The day starts with special prayers in all Jamatkhanas. Reports said people in the Garam Chashma, upper Chitral and Madak Lasht valleys celebrated the Nauroz with pomp and show. In lower Chitral’s Sewakht village of Shughoor, a colorful function was organized by Karimabad Development Organization (KADO) and the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP). Dr Shahzada Haidarul Mulk was chief guest on the occasion while the ceremony was presided over by Fazal Karim, the manager administration of AKRSP Chitral. Different games were played on the occasion but the most interesting one was a tug of war in which the Shugor team defeated Sewakht’s team. Traditional food was also displayed and distributed on the occasion whichSONY DSC was prepared by women of the area and brought to the venue. Youth as well as old men performed folk dances on the beat of drums. The most interesting dance was the one performed y old people wearing Chitrali Chugha. In this dance called Barwazi, a Chitrali cloak (Chugha) is put on the ground and the dancer overwhelms around the cloak with different action. At last, he picks the Chugha (cloak) and wears it and then accelerates the dance as the music also speeds up. Some other games were also played during the festival while the colorful activities enthralled the spectators. At last, the chief guest distributed awards among the players and participants of different programs. A large number of people from both the Sunni and Ismaili communities, including women, participated in the function showing great mutual harmony and understanding of both communities.  ]]>

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  1. Issa Khan Momi, Islamabad says

    Good job done by KADO, I congratulate the mangement of KADO and AKRSP for the arrangement of such a program. It will be fruitful for mutual understanding between the people of different background. I hope they will continue it in future. I request the local govt to give recognition to the Navroz festival at the district level and then at the national level. History is repeating itself because it was celebrated in Chitral officially in the past by the Mehtars.

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