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Chitral students facing shortage of facilities

CHITRAL, March 13:  The newly-constructed block at Government  Commerce College Chitral was inaugurated by Provincial Minister for Population Welfare Salim Khan on Tuesday.   SONY DSCAddressing on the occasion, Sahibuddin, the principal of the college, said some 850 students were enrolled in the college but there was lack of facilities. He said maintenance work along with the construction of the new block was carried out at a cost of 70 million  rupees. He said the IT block was also completed and would be dedicated to Mehtar-i-Chitral because for his donation of land to the college. He said computers would be installed in the lab soon. Speaking on the occasion, the provincial minister said his government took significant steps for promotion of education. He said four higher secondary, eight high and seven middle schools were opened in Chitral during the tenure of the government. Similarly, he added, two campuses of Benazir Bhutto and Abdul Wali Khan  university were established in the district. G.D Langland, a British educationist and founder of Langland School and College, said he was supervising the school and college rendering quality education to the students and after his retirement a British woman educationist was called as the principal of the G.D. Langland School and College. He asked the students to study with great zeal and zest because no nation can develop without education. Some students of the college complained about lack of hostels and other facilities in the college, saying they were living in a rented house. They said there were more than 52 colleges in Chitral but only two campuses of the university while at Dir which had only two colleges there was a fully-fledged university. The students demanded opening of a university in Chitral. Later, the provincial minister visited different sections of the college including the new classrooms, library and the computer lab.–G.H. Farooqui]]>

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  1. Farhan Ahsan says

    G.D. Langland is not the founder of Sayurj Public School and college. Its founder was former deputy commissioner Chitral Javed Majeed.

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