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Who is responsible?

In our conservative society, giving education, especially to females, has always been a dilemma. Female students are very sensitive regarding their rights which they can’t get but have to snatch. kkGiving education to its youth, especially the females, has always been the mandate of the government of the time but here in Chitral it is quite different. A few years back, Shaheed Benazir University Shiringel affiliated all the government colleges with itself which were earlier affiliated with Malakand University. Collecting money from the students in the name of filling forms was illogical which I will describe in the following paragraphs. At the end of last year when it was time to fill the examination forms for B.A/ B.Sc, the Govt Degree Girls College Booni  collected about Rs1,500/Rs1,600 exam fee from each student. But students who failed in some subjects and appeared in the supplementary exam last year were charged Rs1,000 extra. They were told that if they passed the exams the amount would be reimbursed to them. But if failed again, the fee would not be returned. But now when the results have been announced, the girls college administration is not ready to return the amount to those students who passed their exams. Besides, the college is also not accepting forms from those who failed and want to appear in the exam again. The poor students have to pay the fee gain but they are justified to ask where are the Rs1,000? According to one of the college students, about 90 to 100 students failed in the annual examination of 2012 and this amount exceeded to ninety thousands. Ahmad Hussain, Zait, Upper Chitral (March 11, 2013).]]>

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