Drosh water supply project: Action sought for poor quality work

CHITRAL, March 11: Former nazims of various union councils of Drosh have demanded of the government to take stern action against the executive engineer of the public health engineering department for substandard construction of a drinking water supply scheme in the town. waterAddressing a press conference here on Monday, former union nazims Khurshid Ali Khan, Haider Abbas and Abdul Bari said that the scheme costs a huge amount of Rs 290 million to provide safe drinking water to the town but the contractor is spoiling it with the connivance of the officers of the department. They said that the pipes are being planted just above the ground while the contractor is being paid for its plantation four feet below the ground surface and the open pipes are vulnerable to the climatic condition as well as flood. They said that the standard of the water pipes is quite low and have never been tested to ascertain their consistency with the given specification of the contract. They said that the executive engineer was time and again contacted by them but to no avail. They warned that if action was not taken against the contractor as well the engineer, then they will be forced to lock out the offices of public health engineering department in Chitral.–Zahiruddin]]>

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