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Chitral's young leaders think high, positive

PESHAWAR, March 11: The Chitral Students Welfare Organization (CSWO), Peshawar chapter, is the representative organization of Chitrali students studying in different colleges and universities in Peshawar. studentOn March 17, 2013, all the students from Chitral studying in Peshawar are going to select the 48th president and cabinet of the CSWO for the year 2013-14. Chitral Today put a single question in front of all the presidential candidates. Below are the shortened versions of tehir answers to the question: Chitral Today: What is your manifesto in the upcoming election? Abul Hassan Ali Taj: We will try to endorse understanding amongst Chitrali students. Aziz Jan: We will bring renovations in the education, sports, finance and social sectors of CSWO. Didar Azhar: We will provide leadership which will try to crack the tribulations of students without discrimination of creed, cast, sect and region. Muhsin Jamil: We will steer Chitrali students during their admission, boost unity among them and promote our culture. Mahboob Ahmad: We will guide the newcomers by arranging seminars and work on creating unity among the students. Noorul Wahab Saba: We will strive to motivate Chitrali students toward creative co-curricular and healthy activities. Umair Ali Shah: We will serve Chitrali students wholeheartedly without any regional, racial or sectarian discrimination and struggle to unite Chitrali students. Umair Khalil: We will struggle for allocation of seats for Chitrali students because now Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan are sharing the seats in University of Peshawar and other educational institutes of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Zakauddin: We will augment unity among Chitrali students, arrange career counselling programmes, strive for allocation of a quota for Chitrali students in different educational institute, invest fund of CSWO for the welfare of Chitrali students, organize talent award shows for the  students achieving distinctions in academic programmes, publish Terichmir Magzine and, arrange cultural show within limitation. The writer is a PhD student at the University of Peshawar]]>

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