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Girl students prove their mettle in sports

CHITRAL, March 8: When it comes to sports, female students in Chitral can also leave a mark in every field and this was proven in a sports festival held at the Abdul Wali Khan University, Bacha Khan Campus Chitral. The event was organized in collaboration with the Legal Awareness Programme for Human Rights (LAPH). girlsIn all four games – Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Chitrali’s traditional game of Bokht Drek – were included in the event. A total number of 38 female students participated in the games. In volleyball, Bacha Khan team was the winner while Anwar Khan team remained the runner up. In Badminton (single), Wajida Gul was the winner and Ms Azra Amir was the runner up. Final of Table Tennis was won by Ms Najma Bibi against the low score of Ms Gulshan. In the traditional game of Bokht Drek, Wajida Gul was declared as the winner and Abida Parveen was the runner up. On the final day, Miss Shakila was the chief guest. In her address to the students, she stressed the need to boost up the morale of female students through extracurricular activities and sports activities. Mr. Niaz Ali Shah, the chairman of LAPH; Dr. Inayatullah Faizi, the coordinator for Abdul Wali Khan University, and Ms. Zubina Syed, the in-charge of the female sports of the university, also spoke on the occasion. They thanked the management of LAPH for their active support in arranging the female sports event.]]>

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