'Awareness must to stem suicide trends in Chitral'

BOONI, March 5: Speakers at a seminar here on Tuesday stressed the need to create awareness among the poeple about fighting different issues of life instead of committing suicide as a last resort. akhsThe seminar on creating ‘awareness on mental health’ was organized by teh Aga Khan Health Field Office at the Govt High School Booni. The gathering was presided over by Mr. Afzal Ali while  Sahibur Rehman, an educationist, was the chief guest. Qari Amir Shah in the light of Holy Quran and Hadith discussed children-parents’ relationship and the way to tackle the issue of psychological problems and its adverse impact on family and society. Maulana Rehmat Qayyum speaking on ‘Islam and suicide’ said remaining away from Quran and ignorance about the teachings of the holy Prophet Muhamamd were creating suicidal tendencies among the people. Parents being unaware about their children leave them in despair, he said. Mr. Sultan Baig, the SHO of Booni, while speaking on ‘the impacts of suicide and social issues’ said educated young persons, especially from Reshun to Nisur Gol, were committing suicide. “Not giving care by parents and inquiring children about their activities, affairs and company make the youth of both gender vulnerable to such kind of crimes.” Parents, siblings and in-laws found responsible for 30 cases of suicides reported and six rescued within three years. He emphasized the active role of society to tackle social issues and crimes day by day. Slamat Khan, program officer AKSWB, spoke about the services of the institution working for poor vulnerable youths, out of school kids, marriage support program and developing family harmony initiatives and working for special people. Hussain Ali Shah, a representative of AKHSP, shared with the participants the work of counselor Farhana’s dealing with depression cases. He requested the community to cooperate with them in dealing with depression cases in the area. Imtiaz Ali restated the importance and need of such a seminar for creating awareness about different issues. The chief guest emphasized the premise ‘live and let to live’ and living not only for self but for others. ‘Life is a precious gift, value it enjoying the each moment of life. While dealing with children care should be taken to limit anger and the holy prophet (SAW) has made saving a life tantamount to saving humanity’ he said. Chairman BMC Zafarullah, Dr Nisar Ahmad, Sarfaraz Ali, Ms Farhana and Mohammad Ali also spoke. Mr. Afzal Ali while sharing his own experience of seeking education with bare foot concluded that poverty is not a single cause of suicide but surrendering to compete with the world. Suicide and cases of increasing depression has been emerging phenomenon of society. The better way to deal with this problem is to deal with the symptoms before dealing with the disease. It is not only the responsibility of counselors and psychotherapist to deal with the cases but each educated member of society should have to play its role to deal with giving their moral support to susceptible and educational institutions will be the best place to deal with such cases in embryonic stage in orderly manner.–Alhaj Muhammad Khan]]>

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