Lynx gets freedom again

CHITRAL, March 4: The Himalayan lynx which had been captured by the villagers in Chuinj village a few days back was freed in ChitralGolNational Park on Monday. lynx1The field biologist of WWF Chitral region, Shafiqullah Khan, on Monday said that the lynx had sustained minor injuries when the villagers pelted it with stones and captured it after it attacked and injured a woman and her seven-year-old child. He said that after recovery of its wounds, the animal was released in the National Park area, where lynx had a comfortable population in the recent past. Mr. Khan said that the park area offered congenial atmosphere and food for the species of lynx. He said that although no data were available with the management of ChitralGolNational Park but the animal has been spotted in the buffering zone of the park bordering with Kalash valley Rumbur some years ago. He expressed his hope that the lynx set free in the park will attract many more of its species into the park from the adjacent mountain pastures.–Zahiruddin  ]]>

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