Man from Ghizer carries Rs500,000 head money

GILGIT, March 2: One of the terror suspects wanted by the Punjab police in terrorism and other heinous crimes belongs to the Ghizer district of Gilgit-Baltistan, it has been learnt. According to the list of the 109 most wanted men uploaded on the Punjab government’s website,  Irshadullah Butt, a resident of the Galapur village of the Ghizer district, figures at serial No 80 with a head money of Rs5 million. Butt’s current address shows him as a resident of Saeedabad in Baldia Town of Karachi. A sum of Rs5 million has been fixed on his head. He is nominated in murder and attempted murder cases in Sarai Alamgir area of Punjab in 1994. In the list, there is no picture of the suspected terrorist. His affiliation with any organization has also not been mention.]]>

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