New bid to save fake degree holders

ISLAMABAD, Feb 28: In order to give protection to politicians holding fake degrees from being disqualified by the Election Commission of Pakistan, the government of Pakistan worked out a new procedure on Thursday. ecpAfter a meeting of a parliamentary committee with Chief Election Commissioner Justice (r) Fkhruddin Ibrahim, Law Minister Farook H. Naeek told the media that from now onward the ECP would send the degrees of the politicians to the Higher Election Commission to get them verified from the  universities/colleges concerned. The HEC would then send the degrees to the educational institutions from the degree holders had graduated. The institutions after probing the matter would send a report about each degree to the HEC. If the HEC presents a negative report about the degree to the Election Commission, the latter then can take action against the fake degree holder.  It may be noted that currently the HEC is headed by Dr Javed H. Leghari, a key PPP leader and its senator.]]>

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