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Chuinj village: Freed lynx returns only to be beaten black & blue

CHITRAL, Feb 26: The Himalayan lynx which was set free in its natural habitat after being captured by the people of Chuinj in upper Chitral three days back returned to the village in search of food again. However, this time the unwanted guest was given a good thrashing and left injured in the village. lynxThe officials of WWF rushed to the village and rescued the wild cat and brought it to Chitral for treatment. It will be released in Chitral Gol National Park which was once known for having its highest population density. Field biologist of WWF Shafiqullah Khan said the lynx was in a critical stage when they reached the village. The people had pelted it with stones inflicting multiple injuries on it when it attacked a woman and his seven-year son. The wild beast had got annoyed and attacked the woman in daytime when she foiled its attempt of hunting her goat, he said. Giving the reason of its coming back from its natural habitat in the higher altitude pasture, he said it came back due to high snow and lack of food there. Mr. Khan said the wild animal was in stable condition after intensive treatment was provided to it by the veterinary doctors in the city and its release will be made after its complete convalescing as no risk can be afforded regarding its life. He said that the director general of animal husbandry of the province had issued directive to the department in Chitral for intensive care of the wounded lynx which is being kept in the local office of WWF. “We have highly disturbed its natural habitat and leaving it no option but to turn to the human settlements”, he said, adding that the species had gone to the point of extinction in the area.-­Zahiruddin  ]]>

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