Musharraf speaks high of Chitral’s peace, traditions

KARACHI, Feb 24: The Chitral Student and Social Welfare Association (CSSWA) Karachi organized a musical night at the Aga Khan Gymkhana, where former President Pervez Musharraf addressed the Chitrali students and public on Saturday night.

Speaking via telephone, Gen Musharraf expressed his extreme love for the people of Chitral and committed once again to soon return to Pakistan. He said he will take part in the coming elections from Chitral. Gen Musharraf praised Chitrali soldiers and the people’s culture and traditions and urged the Chitralis to keep their peace loving traditions alive.

He expressed concerns over the rampant killing of innocent people inQuetta and Karachi . He said he would soon announce his return schedule to Pakistan. He said that for progress and prosperity Pakistan required sincere and capable leadership.

Musharraf also sent APML information sectary and APML Sindh head to the program. He started his speech by taking one by one the names of Chitrali leadership sitting in the gathering, including Samsam Ali Raza Adv, Haji Qayyum and others.–Omar Rafi

7 Replies to “Musharraf speaks high of Chitral’s peace, traditions”

  1. What’s the point in criticizing Musharraf? One should be proud to just say that the former chief of the army staff as well as the former President of Pakistan is going to be our own next leader.

  2. Yeah, indeed a good news for me that man like Musharaf stands for election in Chitral. Really it is a matter of honor for Chitral. We will definitely support him if he himself stands. I am not thankless like you. I hope you will definitely support explosives thieves and Jungle purchasers.Go on

  3. Our MNA Mohiddin is trying to get benefit from the pupularity of Musharaf In Chitral. And there are people like Munir Hamza who are celebrating this type of news.

  4. Farhan and Abdul Basit! Pervaiz Musharaf is a man of high calibre and internationally well-known person who has the guts to face all the challenges. It is our good luck that he has been expressing love and worked for Chitral. We should not be so thankless to him after he built the Lowari Tunnel where our families are travelling safe. I think you people forget him in a few years and it need to click your mind that you forefathers were the victims of the huge snow at the top of Lowari and it was quite tricky for the middle class person to get ticket of the PIA plane.

  5. Candidates should only be allowed to contest elections from one constituency and that too from their home constituency where their vote is registered. This is the practice in all civilized countries. Why should Pakistan be open to all unhealthy practices. Musharraf will never visit Chitral whether he wins or looses. His affairs as MNA (incase he wins) will be run through proxy. Do Chitralis want that?

  6. Thanks Umer Rafi for giving this nice news to the public of Chitral and I also heard in ARY News channel that Musharraf will be contesting elections from Chitral. We really need him.

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