Chitral: Youth peace groups set up

CHITRAL, Feb 24: The Rural Community Development Programme (RCDP) in collaboration with Citizen Action for Peace and Development (CADP) has established village youth peace groups to resolve petty conflicts at the union council level. In this regard, training programmes were organized for male and female youth of Chitral. The project was launched in Nov 2012.  Its first quarter was successfully completed. Five village peace groups comprising over 200 youth and three groups of 75 women have been established across Chitral.  These women groups will resolve women problems on a volunteer basis. A two-day training session and follow-up activities were arranged twice for enhancing their skill and capacity building. Similarly, two training sessions on mobilization and emerging need were also conducted for the village committees. They will work as instrument for resources mobilization and accumulative development practices cooperating with line agencies. Engineer Temour Shah, Coordinator RCDP, told local journalists that all these members would play a vital role in solving different issues. He said the youth will coordinate with village level committees for controlling and resolving petty conflicts and issues. “We have established these village groups at Chamrkun, Jughor Goldur, Hoon Faizabad, Ushasht and Mahtoomabad.”  He said they were trying to energize and strengthen these youth groups to maintain peace in Chitral.—GH Farooqui]]>

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