Victory of determination

KURAGH, Feb 7: On January 31, 2013, the people of village Kuragh called a meeting. The single agenda  was “to make efforts to repair the broken portion of the Chitral-Mastuj road at Doomshughur voluntarily, purely on a humanitarian ground.” vThe elders pointed out the possible difficulties and hindrances, yet the youth decided to start work at any cost with trust in Almighty God only. It is said that millions of rupees were spent to repair this broken portion of the road by the concerned department. On Feb 1, 2013, the people of village Kuragh, especially the young generation, rushed towards the site with the slogan “God helps those who help themselves”. Their equipment were pickaxes, spades and iron rods. The work started with great confidence and in a dignified manner. Some people from the adjacent villages also joined them at the site. On Feb 2, the scene  was highly impressive. A large number of people from other villages also joined the Kuragh party and the pace of work enhanced greatly. The people of village Zait, the nearest village, not only participated in the work but also managed sumptuous lunch for all the people at the site. On Feb 3, the passion of the people was even more worth seeing. The tempo of work reached the climax. As a result of non-stop struggle from 9am. to 4pm, the broken portion of the road was repaired and a caravan of at least 10 vehicles led by Syed Jawad Hassan Shah crossed the road. At the end, the participants thanked Almighty Allah. Shah Abdul Hussain, the leader of Kuragh party, thanked all the participants, the officials present on the spot and all those who supported the movement of the people of Kuragh morally and financially. He said though we have fulfilled our pledge, our mission will not be considered as complete unless the bus of govt. girls degree college Booni reaches Rashun to pick  the female students from their doorsteps. ]]>

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