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Public anger is boiling up

CHITRAL, Feb 5: As public problems are compounding and there are reports of corruption and inefficiency on part of government functionaries and elected representatives, people here have said that it is time to forge unity and elect people who can deliver and come to the expectations of the electorates. Many people talked to here, said it was shameful for the so-called elected representatives that they could not got a portion of Booni road repaired even after three years but the locals done it on their own in just three days. The politicians and government officials never considered them accountable to the citizens and always tried to create propaganda and got cheap publicity. Taking a cue from the political representatives, government officials have also become emboldened and when there is a need for their active work they disappear from the scene. The residents said that the two-day long rain and snowfall had crippled life in Chitral but none of the departments including the C&W was seen to even clear the snow from roads. As many as eight tractors and other machinery given to the UCs a few weeks back have also not been put to use to clear the roads.—Waqar Ahmed]]>

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