Chitral receives rain, snowfall

CHITRAL, Feb 3: Like other parts of the country, Chitral also received rain on Sunday which continued till late in the vening. According to Met Office spokesman, a strong western system is affecting most parts of the country and likely to persist till Tuesday. Reports said that snow was falling in upepr Chitral and in some areas the weather was cloudy and chilly. The maximum rain was received by Khuzdar 33mm followed by Lower Dir 23, Rawalpinid 20, Saidu Sharif 19, Parachinar, Jiwani & Kalat 17, Malamjabba, Dir & Garidupatta 15, Chirat & Bannu 13, Kohat 10, Risalpur 9, Gawadar & Islamabad 08, Punjgur, Quetta & Mianwali 05 mm during last 24 hours. The water caused by heavy rain has entered in low laying areas of Peshawar including Latifabad, Pajagi, Saeed Abad, Faqirabad, Nasapa, Daudzai, Nothia Jadded, Kohati, Swati Pattak, Qisakhwani bazzar and adjoining localities, creating great problems for residents. The officials of District Administration has started pumping the standing water out from these areas, however the continued rain are hampering relief activities. As per the Railways enquiry office, the heavy rain also slightly disrupted train schedule in Peshawar. According to Met Office, this strong weather system is expected to generate heavy rains with snowfall over the hills in upper parts of the country . In next 24 hours, widespread rain with snowfall over the hills is likely in Balochistan, Khyber Paktoonkhwa, Islamabad, upper Punjab and Kashmir/Gilgit-Baltistan, while scattered rain in southern Punjab and upper Sindh and at isolated places of southern Sindh. Widespread rain with snowfall over the hills is likely in Khyber Paktoonkhwa, Islamabad, upper Punjab and Kashmir/Gilgit-Baltistan, while scattered rain in southern Punjab, North Balochistan and upper Sindh during next 48 hours. Reports of snow fall from Kalam Swat and Gallyat Abbottabad were also received. The Agriculture experts however said the present rainy spell will lay pleasant effect on the wheat crops in arid and semi arid areas of the province especially in southern districts of the province. The Met Office predicted that current weather system is likely to intensify on Sunday evening and under the influence of this weather system, widespread snowfall heavy at times is expected over the hills of Malakand, Hazara, Murree, Galiyat, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir on Monday and Tuesday. Hailing is also expected at isolated places in the plains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab including Islamabad during the period. Heavy snowfall ranging 3 to 4 feet may occur over the hills of higher altitude (more than 7000 feet) and 2 to 3 feet snowfall over the hills at lower altitude (5000 – 7000 feet) during the period. The heavy snowfall may cause the closure of link roads and the possibility of avalanches/landslides cannot be ruled out in the areas mentioned above during the period. In last 24 hours, the weather remained cold, dry and partly cloudy in most parts of the country. However, light rain occurred at a few places of Quetta, Kalat, Peshawar and Malakand divisions. The minimum temperature was recorded in Parachinar -10C followed by Astore -07 C, Gupis, Skardu -03 C, Hunza -02 C.]]>

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