Environment workshop held

CHITRAL, Jan 31: CHEPS with the cooperation of AKRSP and CCDN held an environmental workshop for youths in Chitral. A large number of youth, both male and female and community members and activists participated on this gathering. [caption id="attachment_7441" align="alignleft" width="300"]Participants of the workshop. Participants of the workshop.[/caption] While speaking on the occasion, CHEPS Chairman Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost said unchecked deforestation in Chitral our environment has reached to the verge of obliteration. He further stressed; on the basis of his ten years experience and research as an environmentalist, that some of the beautiful places of chitral are under the extreme environmental challenges. He also appealed to the competent authorities in Chitral and the youth to take stern steps against the commercialised deforestation and down country trafficking of Chitral’s timber, and stressed upon the need to initiate due measures to keep drinking water safe from pollutants and insulate Chitral from increasing pollution. On the occasion speakers said that environmental challenges in Chitral are not checked in due time we will face a catastrophy in near future. They also spoke on the religious, social and economic perspective on environment and reiterated the philosophy of cleanliness in Islam and moral values regarding environment protection. On this workshop a unanimous resolution was also agreed upon that at least ten shop owners should construct a toilet and proper sewage system for the disposal of unclean water.–A.M. Khan]]>

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