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CHITRAL, Jan 29: This road leading to the deputy commissioner office in Chitral was blacktopped only one month back. roadcopyBut due to the use of substandard material in its reconstruction, its surface has now started peeling off. Soon it will become impassable to be rebuilt only for the benefit of those at the helms. If the C&W department, whose office is located only about 100 metres away, is unable to ensure quality work right under its nose, what one should expect of it in projects undertaken in some remote parts of the valley.–Gul Hamaad Farooqi]]>

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  1. Mohammad Ilyas, Chitral says

    There is another main problem in Chitral besides that of poor material; a road ascending directly to the Governor Cottage on the mound is badly needed as the first priority. A Goldoor Village route circling from distance leads to the cottage that is narrower and due to the non-stop political activities throughout the year this centuries old route is often guarded and sirens are blown day and night for important personalities. With a chain of vehicles coming and going all the time especially in the picnic days of summer, a great trouble is made to the villagers and spread out security personals all along the route. A direct ascending road to the cottage with a single curve will not only be helpful to the government machinery but also to the suffering folk.

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