Overseas association sets up office in Drosh

CHITRAL, Jan 24:  The Chitral Overseas Association (COA) has been working for the betterment of Chitralis living in Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries for the last many years.  854Haji Sultan Mohammad, the chairman of COA, while addressing a press conference said the association was working purely on volantary basis and it was registered with the department concerned. He said the following office-bearers had been elected. Haji Sultan Mahmood, Chairman, Haji Zafar Ahmad, vice-chairman, Jamat Ali  Shah, Haji Gulfiroz, Sangeen Ali Shah, Sher Ali Khan, Sher Jawan, Nizar Wali Shah and Zafaruddin Haji are members of  the executive body and board of governor. These are interim cabinet members and permanent office-bearers would be elected later.  He said that at present they ahd set up the association’s office in Drosh and will work in whole KPK and every Chitrali who gaining livelihood abroad would be supported by COA.–GH Farooqui]]>

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