NGOs' role in development of Chitral hailed

CHITRAL, Jan 23: Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are playing a vital role in development of Chitral, said Deputy Commissioner Rahmatullah Wazir here on Wednesday. [caption id="attachment_7251" align="alignleft" width="300"]brf DC Chitral at the briefing.[/caption] He said Chitral is area-wise the largest district of KPK. It is sometimes not only difficult but impossible to overcome all problems of the entire district as the population here was scattered. Hence volunteers of civil society organizations reach every corner of Chitral and render meritorious services in health, education, household enterprises and infrastructure as well as in several developmental sectors, he added. He was speaking at a briefing organized by Hasho Foundation here. Sultan Mahmood, the RPM of the NGO, briefed the DC Chitral about the work being carried out by the NGO. He said 383 professional staff were hired in Pakistan by this organization. The HF works in the three sectors of economic development, education & skill and social welfare and emergency. Honey beekeeping and marble shining are main project of HF and a best way to boost women and youth of Chitral. “We also provide equipment to women after basic training in honey be keeping to enable them earn their livelihood at their home. Raw honey is collected and packed at Islamabad for sale, he added.—GH Farooqui]]>