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Mafia plundering Chitral's natural resources, says environment activist

PESHAWAR, Jan 10: The Chitral Heritage and Environment Protection Society held an environmental seminar titled “Ecological imbalance due to unchecked deforestation in Chitral” at the Archives and Public Library Peshawar on January 9. [caption id="attachment_6939" align="alignleft" width="300"] Participants of the seminar in Peshawar.[/caption] The purpose of the event was to bridge the widening gap between youth and professionals, and to impart awareness about unchecked and illegal deforestation in the hands of timber mafia. Dr. Sardar ul Mulk chaired the event while Mr. Ejaz Ahmad, Controller Cargo Emirates Airlines Peshawar Airport, was the chief guest. A large number of professionals, civil service officers, professors and students were present on the occasion. Mr. Rahmat Ali Jaffer Dost, the chairman CHEPS, in his special awareness lecture briefed the audience in detail about how the mafia exploits and loots the natural asset of Chitral, which, he said, will cause a huge environmental degradation in the long run. A 20-minute-long documentary on deforestation was also to the shock and amazement of the participants on the tactics used by timber mafia. Rahmat appealed to the youth of Chitral to rise up and join hands with each other and initiate measures on the ground to stop the asset being robbed by a few culprits. Moreover he thanked the president of CSWO whose cooperation in arranging the seminar made it successful. The chief guest in his speech hailed Rahmat’s activist efforts to create awareness about environmental degradation and its consequences. Dr. Sardar ul Mulk, in his presidential address, applauded CHEPS for its active role in imparting awareness about environment and providing a platform for the youth to work voluntarily for the protection of Chitral’s environment. It is worth mentioning here that the programme was a part of series of events CHEPS will hold this year throughout the country to awake the youth of Chitral, wherever they are studying or working. Certificate of best performance to those Chitralis who played a vital role for Chitral was distributed to encourage them.  A symbolic Cleanliness-walk was also held in the vicinity of the Public Library, which was marked by the participation of all the people present regardless of age, status and profession. At the end of the seminar a list of delegates to meet the Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court was also finalized. It is to be noted that the delegation of the youth of Chitral, in the leadership of Chairman CHEPS, will meet the Chief Justice late this month.]]>

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