Logo designing contest

ISLAMABAD, Jan 8: ChitralToday invites its readers to take part in a competition for designing a logo for it. Our readers will vote for the best logo to be adopted by ChitralToday and the designer of the selected logo will be given a cash award of Rs5,000 (five thousand rupees). The cash award has been announced by Mr Noor Arab, one of our readers who lives in Saudi Arabia. For  detail about the logo or the cash award, please email to chitraltoday@gmail.com.–Editor ]]>

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  1. My attachment with Chitraltoday.net was from 23 August, 2009, and Insha Allah will go on. It was Mr Karim Navaz Reshun who introduced me to this magnificent page. I am immensely happy to see its lovers as in front of you Mr. Noor Arab. We are thankful to Mr. Noor Arab for his generosity towards Chitraltoday.net and his love is really valuable. This splendid page gives us freedom of expression in true manner. Zar Alam Khan, the editor, never ignores someone’s ideas. Well done Chitraltoday.net and we are with you..

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