Call to check reckless driving in Drosh bazaar

CHITRAL, Jan 2: The people of Drosh have complained of reckless driving in Drosh bazaar and wrong parking which is inconveniencing the people. They aired their grievances at an Awami Katchery of union public safety commission of Drosh here on Wednesday. The initiative has been taken by the Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment to listen to people’s problems and find out their solutions. The people also demanded a strict check on the drug peddlers in the city as youngsters especially school and college students were fast becoming drug addicts. The people of Drosh also expressed dissatisfaction over the quality and pace of work on the water supply scheme to Drosh town. They said the public health engineering department had failed to maintain quality in the project. The said the Sheshi hydro-power project had stopped working just one year after its completion. —Zahiruddin]]>

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