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Reconstructed road to Dulomoch inaugurated

CHITRAL, Jan 1:  Provincial Minister Saleem Khan inaugurated the reconstructed Dulomoch Road on Tuesday. A large number of residents of the Dulomuch Colony were present on the occasion. The inaugural ceremony was held at the boys hostel under the chair of Hakeem Khan Advocate, the general Secretary PPP Chitral. [caption id="attachment_6792" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Saleem Khan speaks at the inaugural ceremony."][/caption] Speaking on the occasion, the minister said Dulomuch Colony consisting of 250 households and the residents of the nearby area were facing great problems especially during rains and snowfall due to absence of a road. He said the road was blacktopped at a cost of 28.3 million rupees. He said that PPP is a real democratic party and that is why he was elected as a  provincial minister despite the fact that he belonged to a middle class family. Saleem Khan said some Rs4 billion were released for different developmental schemes in Chitral. Similarly, Rs420 million would be spent on water supply scheme from Golain to Chitral. Besides, laying of a pipeline from Hunza spring to Chitral is also under process. He said construction work on the Lowari Tunnel remained suspended for four years because of the hurdles created by the bureaucracy. He said the Chitral bypass road was inaugurated four times in the past but no practical work could be started by successive governments. It was his government that not only released the fund for this mega project but also launched the work which would be completed by the middle of the next year. “During our tenure, two university campuses have also been established in Chitral,” he added. He expressed the hope taht a fully-fledged university would also be opened in the district if the PPP returned to power in the 2013 elections.  ]]>

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  1. Aijaz Ibrahim Khan, Islamabad says

    We the young generation of Chitral wants to see Mr. Saleem Khan as the next member of the National Assembly. Besides being a good human being, he is a thorough gentleman. The allegations of huge scale corruptions against him have no grounds. I salute him if he has done corruption, as it was the only way out to emerge as a potential and strong candidate against the crocodiles who have been befooling poor Chitralis for the last so many decades. Now, this is the time for Prince Mohiuddin to give a chance to young people like Saleem. As far Maulana Chitrali, we do not need such narrow-minded people to lead us, who still use religion as a tool. I am sorry to say that the Maulana did nothing for development of Ismaili-dominated areas. If you could recall your services for upper Chitral during your stint as MNA, you must realize how you and your government brutally ignored them. A leader who does not know how to treat his people has no right to represent them in any capacity. So my advice to Maulna Chitrali is that please stop using religion as a tool for political gains or the day is not far when you will repent because gone are the days when clerics used to rule through such cheap tactics.

  2. Maqbool Hussain, Kishamanja (Sonoghur) says

    Maulana Chitrali is once again busy in hatching a conspiracy against Saleem Khan in the name of religion. His recent talk-show and a meeting with his archrival Prince Mohiuddin have created doubts in the minds of people that there is something fishy going on between the duo. Who does not know Maulana and the language he has been using against the prince. Any political venture with this guy [Maulana Chitrali] will be a political suicide for Mohiuddin, who already commands immense political cloud in the valley. God forbid, if the Maulana succeeds in winning Mohiuddin’s support, this will be the last day of his political career.
    Maulana Chitrali is feeling threatened by the growing popularity of the provincial minister for population welfare and wants to give him a tough time one way or the other. As a last resort, he selected the prince as the most suitable person to meet his motive. The best thing for both Prince Mohiuddin and Maulana Chitrali is to stay in their own frames and give young people the chance to lead the masses. The prince is too old to steer the Chitralis out of the prevailing plethora of problems while the Maulana is not fit for politics. He should focus on his seminaries, for which he is known.
    I would also urge both of them to accept the growing popularity of Saleem Khan. He will emerge victorious once again, giving a humiliating defeat to both of you. We want modern, educated and young people like Saleem Khan to represent us in the parliament.

  3. Wasim, Dolomuts says

    Indeed, a very interesting patch-up is in the offing as Maulana Chitrali, who used to consider Shahzada Mohiuddin as his archrival and enemy number one, has started behind the scene meetings with the prince, the guru and the king of the ring. Oh Maulana, you have very lately realized that the guru has the backing of some divine forces. You are perhaps trying to regain your lost so-called fame as you have understood that this is the name of the game. Dear, do you think that you will be able to have the blessings of the prince to drub Saleem Khan, who is commanding power at present?

  4. Afzal, Islamabad says

    So much of a tamasha over our beloved minister Saleem Khan. All those ghairatmand brigade who were not even ready to hear the name of the ‘guru’ have also called on him in Peshawar. Bhayi, bari jaldi aqel ayi aap ko? I see it’s a guru phobia? Oh no, come on man it’s Saleem phobia, in fact. Be careful and you know ‘guru’ can do anything at the last minute? Bhala tum kya nimat saktei ho mullah g, guru says you are a very small fry? Oh really, Allah khair karei, but we’ve no other option except following in his footstep. Wah bahyi, ghairatmand brigade tusi chah gayei. I should have made something at least for election campaigns? Kaash, mei bi Saleem ki tarha aqilmand hota? Shayad, this is the reason I’d to bow down before the ‘guru’ whom I had been considering a foe till yesterday. There is no way out except calling him the master, the champion, the guru and the king of politics in Chitral.Oh my God, why my brain stopped working when there were molvis everywhere in KP. Look at the ‘guru’ or even at Saleem, how comfortable they feel? What goes of theirs? I’ve no hesitation to call him my guru. We’re going to meet again next week to chalk out a future line of action against Saleem Khan, see you soon.

  5. Wasim, Dolomuts says

    Our beloved Saleem Khan lalah finally inaugurated Dolomuts road, which he had undertaken to benefit some of his relatives living in the colony. We would love to know if he could announce the date for inauguration of his grand bungalow being built at the expanse of taxpayers’ money at Sinlasht. Congrats man at least the lady luck smiled on you once but this is for sure no chance to win the upcoming polls even from Dolomuts.

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