'2012 worst year for Chitrali women's rights'

CHITRAL, Dec 28: The chairman of Human Rights Programme Chitral (HRPC) Niaz A. Niazi advocate has said the year 2012 proved to be the worst for women and children in the district. He told reporters here on Friday, 15 cases of suicide of women were reported during the year while five women were murdered and 70 were subjected to domestic violence. He said five children were murdered and two cases of sexual harassment of children were reported. Mr Niazi claimed many cases of murders of women were presented by the relatives as suicide cases to evade investigations. He said the year also did not prove good for Kalash, the only minority community residing in the area as the Afghan militants invaded the pasture of Bumburate valley a number of times and herded away about 1,000 goats and killed a shepherd.–Zahiruddin]]>

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  1. The HRPC chairman has finally come out of hibernation within no time and cooked the data of human rights violation in the so-called peace-loving valley. His organization only knows how to lie with statistics. The gentleman appears after a long while when the days of aid are nearing. He thinks that except his good self every other person is living in the stone age. Is there anyone who can ask him to tell us what he has done so far to eliminate such social evils from the society? Besides, the people of the area, so-called civil society activists and the womenfolk who make hue and cry that Chitrali women exist nowhere in the male-dominated society, should stand up against such NGOs. Has anybody done something to stop the worst humiliation being faced by the women?
    The emerging female political lot is equally blamed as they leave no stone unturned to welcome the top leadership of their respective political parties whenever they visit Chitral but have done nothing to lessen the humiliation faced by the unfortunate Chitrali women who commit suicide as a last resort. Instead of decorating these bigwigs with traditional Chitral caps and Chughas, they should be welcomed with rotten eggs and tomatoes at Chitral airport or at the exit of Lowari tunnel. Oh Chitralio khawab-e-khargosh sei jago and snatch your rights otherwise you will be always exploited at hands of these so-called human rights mentors of the society.

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