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Row over NCP vehicles resolved

MANSEHRA, Dec 26: Senior officials from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) on Wednesday signed an agreement, allowing non-custom paid (NCP) vehicles from Kohistan and GB to ply in their respective jurisdictions. Tension gripped both sides of the border on Tuesday evening after Diamer district administration stopped entry of NCP vehicles, owned by Kohistanis, in its jurisdiction and allegedly tortured some of the drivers. Later, some transporters and people in Kohistan blocked the Karakoram Highway to traffic. The convoys which were on their way to GB from other parts of the country were also stopped in Kohistan by protesters, which compelled the Diamer district administration to settle the issue through negotiations. A delegation from Diamer, including DCO Ajmal Bhatti and SSP Mohammad Hilal, reached Dassu on Wednesday and held talks with Kohistan district administration and local elders. The Kohistan officials, including DCO Aqaal Badshah and DPO Akber Ali, discussed the problems faced by the district administration, local transporters and people because of the restriction on NCP vehicles in GB. The local elders also apprised officials of both sides of their problems because of the issue for last couple of years. “If the government has declared Kohistan as a tax-free zone then why the GB administration is restricting Kohistan’s NCP vehicles on its territory,” said Mr Badshah. The meeting agreed to allow the NCP vehicles from both sides in their respective jurisdictions and inked an agreement in this regard. The KKH was reopened to traffic and vehicles stranded since Tuesday evening were allowed to proceed to GB.–Dawn]]>

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