Commuters being overcharged in Chitral

CHITRAL, Dec 26: Transporters have increased the Chitral-Peshawar fare of coaches 50 per cent after the closure of Lowari top road though only the provincial transport authority can do so under the law. Naeem Gul, a resident of Drosh town, told this correspondent on Wednesday that previously, the coach fare between Chitral and Peshawar was Rs800 per passenger but it had increased to Rs1,200 per passenger. He also complained that transporters charged extra money for luggage without let or hindrance. Former councilor of upper Chitral Azmat Ali criticised the provincial transport authority for overcharging passengers traveling to Peshawar and back. He said the fare of coach from Peshawar to Upper Dir was less than Rs400 per passenger but Rs1,200 was being charged for a far shorter distance between Peshawar and Chitral. The ex-councilor also complained of overcrowding in coaches. Fakhre Alam, who runs a medicine distribution company in Chitral Bazaar, said truck owners increased fare 40 per cent on Chitral-Peshawar route on their own causing the prices of the goods to increase in local market. He said traders had no option but to pay them the sought-after money due to the indifference of the provincial transport authority.–Dawn]]>

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