Model Jamat Khana inaugurated

By Islamuddin GARAM CHASHMA: A high profile modern community home (Jamat Khana) was inaugurated in Munoor village marking a paradigm shift to develop a community home which is not only disaster risk reduction compliant and but also promoted pluralism and unity in diversity. The center was inaugurated by Aga Khan Council Upper Chitral President, Abdul Ghaffar in the absence of National Council President Iqbal Waljis whose helicopter could not make it due to bad weather.

Unlike the earlier community home which comprised only a meditation room and store the new model community home project comprises the traditional meditation room (Jamat Khana) exclusively meant for the devotees and first established in Chitral in the beginning of 20th century, a community meeting place to be used for in-door events by all the residents of the area without discrimination, a canteen, school for Quranic and religious education as well as free tuition center for students and wash rooms for men and women. The building is disaster proof and will provide safe shelter for every resident in a disaster situation. The inauguration coincided with the 76th birthday anniversary of His Highness the Aga Khan and the ceremony was largely attended. It was termed a befitting gift by His Highness to the people of the area on the occasion of his birthday and will go a long way to promote pluralism and awareness about disaster risk reduction.
Speakers on the occasion highlighted the importance of inter-faith unity to face challenges facing the Ummah. The vision of His Highness for promoting bio-diversity, pluralism and bridge building among different denominations were especially focused for meaningful sustainable development and durable peace. Prayers were offered for peace and prosperity in Pakistan and unity of the Ummah.

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