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Complete shutter-down observed in Chitral

CHITRAL, Dec 18: A complete shutter-down strike was observed in Chitral on the call of trades union, political parties’ leaders and civil society on Tuesday, demanding the federal government to open the Lowari Tunnel on a daily basis in the winter. Addressing a public gathering here, representatives of trade unions said Lowari Tunnel still remained closed for four days a week in the winter season where main road to Chitral was blocked at Lowari top. They said the government remained silent about the mega project for more than four years and started work on the tunnel when election was close and that too in the winter. They demanded of the federal government to open the tunnel at least for four hours daily. Due to opening of the tunnel only for only three days a week, transporters mostly avoid travelling on the road because they have to wait at Chitral and Dir for two days. As a result, a large number of passengers remain stranded at both sides of the tunnel. They urged the National Highway Authority to arrange opening of the tunnel on a daily basis or suspend the work at the site until the opening of the road via the Lowari top. The trade union representatives criticized the closing of tunnel for four days and said it was also creating shortage of edible items in the valley. During the strike, all shops, chemists and druggists, hotels, poultry shops, greengrocers, backers and bread shops remained closed the whole day. A public meeting was also held at Ataleeq square where representatives of trade union and leaders of different political parties delivered speeches. A large number of people attended the public meeting.]]>

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