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THQ hospital Garam Chashma also given to AKHSP

PESHAWAR, Dec 17: Unable to manage hospitals on its own in order to provide healthcare facilities to the citizens, the government has handed over another hospital in Chitral to the private sector.

According to a press release issued by the provincial government’s health department in Peshawar on Monday, the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital of Garam Chashma has been given  to the Aga Khan Health Services Pakistan (AKHSP) to strengthen the health delivery network.

It may be recalled that a few years back, the THQ hospital in Mastuj was also given to the AKHSP. Though the healthcare facilities provided by the AGKHS are much better, the cost is out of the reach of the common man. Providing basic facilities like education and healthcare are the primary responsibilities of the government but it unfortunate that if is trying to shift the responsibility to others. When the private sector can provide the facilities in a systematic manner, it is strange  why the governmnet cannot do it on its own.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the health department and the AKHSP under which the latter would manage the health facility in Garam Chashma for a period of five years. The AKHSP will provide specialist doctors, paramedics and modern medical equipments in the hospital, it said. Minster for Population Welfare Saleem Khan was chief guest at the ceremony held at the health secretariat on Monday.

Additional Secretary Health, Deputy Secretary Health, chairperson AKHSP, General Manager AKHS Chitral, EDO Health Chitral, EDO Finance Chitral and other officials attended the ceremony. Addressing the ceremony, the provincial minister said the government was making efforts to provide basic health facilities to the people of backward and far-flung areas at their doorsteps under the public-private partnership initiative.

The government is not only encouraging but also facilitating the private sector organizations to come forward and join the government efforts to provide basic amenities of life to the people, he added. Mr Khan eulogized the efforts of Aga Khan Foundation’s help in providing basic health services to the remote areas of Chitral. The government highly valued the efforts and contributions of AKHSP and hoped that it will continue its efforts in the future.

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