Road built to link remote Garam Chashma villages

CHITRAL, Dec 16: A sub-valley of Garam Chashma has been linked to other parts of the district by construction of a road for the first time. The road to Cherwell area situated on top of a mountain was built by the residents of the area through a piece of land donated by Shahzada Amanur Rehman, a notable of Chitral. Some 8,000 people live in this area and they remained locked in their scattered villages even in the 21st century. The area dwellers had to carry their patients and dead bodies on their shoulders or cots in case of emergency. The residents of the area while talking to this correspondent expressed jubilation over the construction of the road. It may be noted that the road was built on a self-help basis as no government funding was involved in the project. A function was held in this regard under the chairmanship of Shahzada Amanur Rehman in one of the village. The speakers on the occasion thanked Amanur Rehman for donating his land for the link road and termed it a milestone in the development of the valley. A female student told that without the people of the valley, especially women, were facing great problems. In case of any emergency, women patients were facing more problems. During the function, the cheerful residents of the area presented traditional gifts to the chief guest and other notables of the area. Khateeb Molvi Rehmat Hussain said construction of a road was Sadqa Jaria (continuing charity) and we should follow this good example by donating our lands for the construction of roads. Speaking on the occasion, Shahzada Amanur Rehman said his forefathers also served the people and his family and he would continue the tradition of community welfare works. He stressed upon the local people to strengthen their unity and work together for development of their area. Because, he added, it is only dedication, commitment and devotion through which we can eradicate poverty and backwardness and ensure development. Others who spoke on the occasion included Mohammad Wali, Abdul Mohammad, the principal of Govt. Higher Secondary School Garam Chashma, Mohammad Hussain, Islamuddin, the principal of Pamir Degree College and Rehmat Hussain. A large number of people belonging to all walks of life participated in opening ceremony of the road.]]>

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  1. Dear all thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
    @Afzal: Ghalib would say “Salaaye a’am Hai yaaraan-e-nuktahdaan ke liye”. Sir, you are most welcome.

  2. We do appreciate everyone who contributes for development of this gorgeous town. Specially, the responsibility lies on the shoulder of the freelance writers, youths and leaders to work vigorously to promote tourism to uplift the area economically. The only thing which may have negative impact on tourism is poor infrastructure. The Garam Chashma road itself is best example of this for which we are thankful to Mr. Salim as he succeeded to get approved a budget of Rs240 million. However, we are waiting with anxiety when the work will get started and be completed within stipulated time. We are also not comfortable the way work is done by the contractor as we have good experience with them in expansion work of Garam Chashma Droshp road. We are optimistic for having quality work under direct supervision of the minister. In either case, we request to get it done through FWO as it has been done in Mastuj road.
    We are hopeful for positive outcome of the efforts made by our leaders and look forward when our dreams will come true.
    Rehman Nasrali
    Owirk Garam Chashma

  3. I like the writer’s scholarly discourse about the Garam Chashma valley. Before writing, he does a lot of homework so that its benefits could reach the readers. Such work will definitely help explore our area in the whole world. Our area is a paradise on earth. Thanks a keep it up.

  4. Really I am very curious to visit Garam Chashma to have bath in this hot springs. My priority of life is to visit Chitral, to have time with Chitralis, to study the unique culture of Kalash and so on. So I will appreciate the work done by Shahzada in the upliftment of this area. It’s his generosity and love for this area. His sacrifices should always remain in the minds of all people.

  5. Nisar Ahmed Shah, Garam Chashma is my favourit place and yes the swimming pool at Injigan Hotel, I miss it like hell. Oh yes how can I forget to complement you, wow how a good writer. I just love to meet you sir, because I love the Khowar poetry which you’d written in response to one of my comments in chitraltoday.

  6. On 1st December, we had read a report regarding Shahzada Amanur Rehman willingness to take some progressive steps for the development our home town; “the much delayed link road for Cheerwill” being the first in the series of steps to be taken.
    There is an Italian proverb: “Between saying and doing many a pair of shoes is worn out.” Happily this was not the case with Shahzada Amanur Rehman’s sayings; hats off to Shahzada Sb! It is hoped that all the other steps including “construction of a bus stand, economical hotel for low income groups, ladies shopping mall, sports stadium, public toilets, and space for new banks” will also see the light of day with same commitment and pace.
    I missed one point, crucially, in afore-mentioned list of Shahzada Amanur Rehman’s priorities; that is ‘Garam Chashma’ itself. I mean the famous “hot spring” which we always use as a trademark to introduce this beautiful valley to outsiders!
    Any person who have had a chance to visit Garam Chashma mainly to have a ‘hot bath’ must have been disappointed to see the pathetic condition of bathrooms, showers, unhygienic pools and the lacks of other basic facilities related to natural hot baths. Hot spring swimming pool of Injigan hotel is a good option of course but not easily available to public.
    In modern world, Spa has broad meaning but it is traditionally used for locations where natural sources of mineralized water are used for drinking or bathing in order to cure disease or ensure good health. The term Spa derived from a name of Spa town, Belgium; which is a popular resort known for its baths and mineral springs.
    Herodotus (485-425 BC), a Greek historian, described how the Scythians of the Middle East used cannabis in steam baths. Turkish Hammam (Turkish bath), Finnish Sauna, Iranian spa, Russian Banya, sweat lodge of Native American, ancient Greece Gymnasium, Korean Mogyoktangs etc. are some of the different ways of hot bath.
    Sauna is traditional steam bath that originated in Finland. The intense heat generated by a sauna causes the body to perspire profusely as a means to cleanse the skin and relax muscles. Other health benefits attributed to sauna use include improved blood circulation, a reduction of tension and stress, and a feeling of well-being.
    Hydrotherapy is a medicinal therapy, involves the use of water in the treatment of disease. Warm water relaxes spasm; thus, hydrotherapy has been useful in treating such conditions as muscular strains and sprains, muscular fatigue, and backache.
    I searched for hot springs in the world; and was surprised to know about hundreds of hot springs across the globe; more than 275 hot springs registered in Chile (a Latin American country) only. Other countries famous for hot springs consist of Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Iceland and USA etc.
    Beppu, a city in Japan, is known for its more than 3,000 hot springs called jigoku (hells). Beppu’s spas annually attract as many as 12 million visitors, who bath in the steamy medicinal waters or immerse themselves in the bubbling mud pools and hot sands. The naturally occurring steam is used to heat homes, greenhouses, and other buildings in the city.
    Czech Republic is surrounded by four countries: Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. The country is rich in history and culture and famous for its luxurious spas. Denizli city in Turkey, Berkeley Springs in Virginia, Carlsbad-California, hot springs in Arkansas, and Bristol in Pennsylvania are also known for the natural hot and mineral springs and many popular spas.
    Vichy and Bains towns in France, Sochi city Russia, Scarborough (England), Srebrenica town in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cheltenham in England, Carlsbad (New Mexico) are well known for natural hot springs and mineral baths, spas, sanatoriums and fashionable resorts.
    Budapest (Hungary) is one of the only major world cities with substantial hot springs, which the city has made use of since the Ottoman occupation in the 16th and 17th centuries. Lake Balaton, Hungary has been the country’s main vacation resort and health spa.
    Harz in Germany, Jastrzębie Zdrój city in southern Poland, Saint Moritz town in Switzerland, Royal Leamington England, Salsomaggiore Terme a towns in northern Italy, Pärnu city Estonia, Derbyshire in England and Chongqing in China attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists mainly for the famous spas and hot natural springs.
    Austria is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Besides many other features, medicinal spas are also very famous and attract millions of tourists to this country. In 2004 some 19 million tourists visited Austria and spent $15.4 billion in the country. Baden town in Austria is world famous for spa, health resort and for its medicinal sulfur springs, known since Roman times.
    @Shahzada Amanur Rehman: What about the idea to introduce world class ‘hammams’ in Garam Chashma to attract the large number of local and foreign tourists? “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” Just try it, sir!
    Nisar Ahmad Shah
    Garam Chashma

  7. Shahzada Aman Ur Rahman, we the people of Chitral, appreciate your donation of land for the construction of the road.
    With road comes development!! The area will definitely will be developed and many problems of the poor people will be solved! Thanks a lot and may Allah give you more courage and power to serve the people of Chitral.

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