KP assembly passes resolution on Lowari Tunnel

PESHAWAR, Dec 14 (APP): Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Friday passed a unanimous resolution demanding of the federal government to keep Lowari Tunnel open for vehicular traffic for five-hour a day during winter season. The joint resolution on the issue was moved by Provincial Minister for Population Welfare, Saleem Khan and Anwar Khan of PPP were also carrying the signatures of the parliamentary leaders of PPP, Abdul Akbar Khan and ANP’s Bashir Ahmad Bilour. In the resolution, both members said that due to heavy snow fall Lowari Top, Lowari Pass road has been closed for vehicular traffic and hundreds of people were stranded on both sides of the tunnel. Through the resolution they demanded of the provincial government to take up the matter with federal government for directing National Highway Authority (NHA) for keeping the tunnel open for five hours a day (5/7) every of week till the end of the winter season and reopening of Lowari Pass for traffic to minimize the problems of the people of landlocked district Chitral. Earlier, the movers plead the chair for suspension of the rules of procedure to allow the presentation of the resolution. The chair put the resolution to verbal vote and the whole house replied with unanimous “Yes” to pass the resolution unanimously.]]>

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  1. When the politicians realize that a humiliating defeat is waiting for them due to their poor performance, corruption and nepotism, they go for cheap tactics. They announce to contest elections from other constituencies in a bid to secure a seat.
    The constituency politics, beraderi system, religious exploitation and ethnicity have ruined the very foundations of this country. The religious exploitation is also taking roots in Chitral as some politicians are flexing muscles to use religion as a tool as general elections are just around the corner.
    They just do not consider how harmful it is for the community and people at large. The greed for power has snatched their sense of humanity and they become so self-centred that they are unable to see anything except their seat in the parliament. The voices of hooters make them crazy.
    They did not bother about the real problems of the area during their four and half years in power. Now, it is surprising to see them passing resolutions for Lowari tunnel despite knowing these things will never be implemented.
    In the race of power, some politicians just lose control and this is what happened with our dear Salim Khan, provincial minister for population welfare, during a talk-show along with his archrival Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali in a Pashto TV channel the other day. Salim came up with an allegation that clerics are hate mongers, which gives birth to sectarianism and extremism. I agree with him but I just want to know why he was tied lipped for the last so many years? Isn’t this an election twist? It is of course. Be careful Chitralis because these are political statements to get votes by befooling dividing you us.
    It was a well thought-out strategy on part of the minister concerned and he wants to cash in on the opportunity in the upcoming elections. This is an eye-opener for all the peace-loving Chitralis. Salim went a step ahead in becoming over smart. He stunned all and sundry by making such a controversial statement.
    His controversial statement was aimed at getting the sympathies of Ismailis. He should not forget he had done nothing for the Ismailis except blacktopping half a kilometre Dulomuts road during his four and half year tenure. His statement is on record, in which he used to claim that he came to power with votes of people in Arandu, and Drosh.
    He should go back to them. But he must refrain himself from exploiting the Ismailis. I am an Ismaili and I will never ever vote for him because he did nothing for the area during his stint as minister.

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